Will the Switch be the last Nintendo home console? It is in any case a possibility opened by his boss Shuntaro Furukawa, in an interview with the Japanese economic daily "Nikkei".

"In the long run, maybe our strategy will emancipate itself from video game consoles – flexibility is as important as ingenuity," says the young general manager.

Nintendo is nevertheless surfing on the success of its hybrid console released in 2017, which has just crossed the milestone of two million units sold in France and could total 35 million explores in the world by March.

"For now, we deliver the" Nintendo experience "based on the Nintendo Switch, which we are the only ones to have developed, and the software that goes with it, explains the one who took the reins of the company in last April. That said, technology is evolving. And we need to think flexibly about how to continue delivering that experience over time. "

In hollow, the revolution of "cloud gaming"

The industry is indeed in full reconfiguration with the advent in the medium term cloud gaming, these consoles and video games dematerialized to the cloud, requiring only a screen with a processor and a broadband connection. And each publisher gets his weapons, Microsoft and Sony in mind.

"Streaming allows publishers to be present on all screens and reach customers who do not have a console but a smartphone, since the computing power is deported to remote servers," explained in June Richard-Maxime Beaudoux, analyst at Bryan Garnier, at Les Echos.

Deployed by Nintendo since the release of "Resident Evil" in May, "cloud gaming" allows the Switch to compensate for its lack of power against its rivals, the PS4 and Xbox One.

Shuntaro Furukawa also intends to develop mobile games, which represent "a continuous source of revenue" although Nintendo is still struggling to find the right formula.

The boss of the group also imagines synergies with "theme parks and movies". A turnaround already begun with the forthcoming release of the feature film "Pokémon: Detective Pikachu", produced by the joint venture The Pokémon Company in which Nintendo holds shares.

The echoes