Interested in what players are exchanging on online video game platforms, the Directorate General of External Security (DGSE) is looking for trainees experts in "gaming" for six-month contracts.

What if a "top 1" at Fortnite allowed you to become a spy for the DGSE? The Directorate-General for External Security is looking for trainees capable of carrying out a "mapping of connected video games" for its "Information Systems Security" department in order to listen to "gamers" who are exchanged at the door. essential information about online video game sites. The duration of the internship is six months and the candidate must hold a Bac +5.

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Exploit vulnerabilities

The Fortnite phenomenon leaves no one unmoved. After having seduced more than 200 million players and reported $ 3 billion to its publisher Epic Games in 2018, the game is thus encrusted in the French public sphere. "More and more people are using connected video games (PUBG, Fortnite, WoW, League of Legend …) to divert their primary use," says the DGSE in his announcement. Indeed, the means of communication made available in these games are used furtively to exchange specific information. The ministry of armies is therefore interested in these technologies and associated protocols. "

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This "motivated" intern that the DGSE is looking for should not be content to be a good player. Indeed, in order to "map widely distributed connected video games (market share, estimated number of players"), candidates must have a "knowledge of software protection" and be able to "exploit public vulnerabilities" ".

In the mapping thus done, the trainee-spy will have to "select one or two good candidates" in order to extract "network signatures" which will enable the DGSE to draw the searched profiles among all the data at its disposal. Finally, the trainee is asked to search for and exploit the flaws of the game, probably to be able to access private chats. As for any internship that respects itself, it will be followed by a report of internship in good and due form, and "validated by the administration".

600 vacancies at the DGSE

As already mentioned in these columns, the DGSE wants to attract new youth profiles for this year. By the end of 2019, there are 600 vacancies and students can enter the public service to access the job. Fortnite is in any case a good hook to attract these new spies.

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