A fictional cocktail, the eye of Horus, is now added to the map of Meltdown, a bar in Rennes.

Posted since January 4, this cocktail is primarily a code name between customers and bar staff, to report harassing situations.

Franck Hillion is one of the regulars. He realized that on several occasions, customers were annoyed, especially girls. Meltdown does not tolerate this kind of situation. "Harassment is not a joke, we want it to be our responsibility, customer comfort is part of our job," says Étienne, the manager.

Horus, the protective god

Franck is the one who found the name of the cocktail, inspired by this initiative that already exists in the Anglo-Saxon countries (safe word cocktail). "I was looking for a symbolic name, he explains. The'Horus's eye was a symbol of protection for the pharaohs in their lives and beyond. Now, it's more of a symbol of health protection and integrity. "

Chance of this choice, it also corresponds to the atmosphere of the place centered around video games. One of Overwatch's heroes wears a tattoo of Horus's eye.

On site, just say his name to launch an alert to staff. "The idea is to see the" victim "discreetly and ask him what's going on, then we'll see the person involved and try to sort it out with her. put her out. " In the case of girls who do not feel safe, we can offer them to accompany them so that they do not return home alone ", explains Franck.

The initiative is well received by the clientele. The eye of Horus does not hide. His presence is posted on posters. Its dissuasive side reassures the customers.