PIRATAGE – An ultra-popular game with 200 million players, Fortnite has been plagued by several security issues for some time. According to The Independent, the game of Epic Games would also allow cybercriminals to easily launder money.

Fortnite not only the happiness of players of all ages. But also that of criminals. According to a survey of The Independent spotted by the website Presse-Citron, the famous game of royal battle (100 players at the start, only one winner) would have allowed to launder money by relying on the virtual currency used in the parties.

Free game available on all platforms, Fortnite enabled its publisher Epic Games to rake in $ 2.4 billion in 2018, an annual record in the history of video games, far ahead of its rival PlayerUnknown's Battleground (PUBG for close friends – $ 1.03 billion) and FIFA 18 ($ 790 million) Epic Games boasts 200 million fans who are desperate to be the number one player in this game in which they compete in a solo, duet or four-way match against other fans.

Unlike in PUBG, which he has massively inspired, Fortnite adds a dimension building game and maximum customization. Players can go through the shop and buy skins to dress their hero, weapons and accessories with a credit card. And this is the breach in which cybercriminals would have rushed.

The Independent advance that stolen credit cards are used to buy V-Bucks, the virtual currency used in the shop Fortnite. Criminals then resell these V-Bucks in online markets of the Dark Web or through classified ads on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. More than 45,000 cases of online scams related to Fortnite have been spotted on social networks. If players feel they are doing something, criminals take advantage of them to launder their money.

Sixgill, a cybersecurity specialist, has found a trace of how it works around the world. "Criminals commit credit card fraud and introduce money into the system Fortnite with impunity ", explains to The Independent Benjamin Preminger, Analyst at Sixgill. He blames the lack of security of Epic Games. According to him, the company "does not seem to seriously repress the criminal activities surrounding Fortnite, money laundering or whatever. "So it's easy to get cheap V-Bucks in exchange for bitcoin or bitcoin cash, two crypto-currencies that are hard to trace, and Sixgill also noted the number of mentions. Fortnite on the Dark Web had risen sharply in correlation with rising gaming revenue, and that on eBay, Fortnite-related product sales generated $ 250,000 in two months.

This is not the first time Fortnite is under fire from critics. In addition to accusations of plagiarism for repeated dances without the authorization of the creators, but also its entire concept, the safety of the game is also in the viewfinder. For example, Check Point Software Technologies, a security system publisher, has created a huge loophole that would endanger the personal data of almost all players. The scam is to attract those looking for free or cheap V-Bucks on fake sites Fortnite where they will have to identify themselves by giving their username and password, leaving free access to their personal and banking data. A boon for hackers who just have to resell it all with one click. They have thus recovered the identification token (also via access by third party account: Facebook, Xbox Live, Nintendo, Playstation Network or Google).

Another flaw of the same kind even allowed access to written or vocal conversations through the microphone of the players. Epic quickly confirmed that it solved this vulnerability, but not yet the others. We understand better the small ad submitted by the DGSE for a trainee able to flush out the flaws of the most popular video games – dont Fortnite– and exploit them …