Far Cry 5 began with a failed arrest, and it is safe to say that things got worse when you saw how the game ended with nuclear bombs that fell all over the world. In the end of the canon, your character, the deputy tower that (almost) single-handedly pulled down the heads of the sect, landed in a bunker with only Joseph Seed for companionship – a fate that I would not wish for my worst enemy. . Far Cry New Dawn takes place after the nuclear dust has settled and it seems to answer the burning question many players have asked: what happened to Rook? Well, I have an answer. And I'm sorry, but you will not like it.

Warning: although this theory is not confirmed by Ubisoft, potentially large spoilers for Far Cry New Dawn may follow. You have been warned.

Still here? Good. Things are going well here: at the end of the New Dawn mission titled The Prophecy, which you pick up on the Dutch island, you will be led to the bunker where Far Cry 5 has ended. Inside you will find Joseph's Word, a book written by Joseph Seed, and some scribbled notes from Rook. They map the blame of your character after they have witnessed the nuclear explosions and show how they eventually fell prey to the message of Joseph and became a follower of him. I know, I know, it's mess. But it is mainly this comment that indicates what happened to them:

Notice how in that tone, Rook is obsessed with the idea of ​​being judge: "If I judge as your judge, the judgment is right and just." Smoke also writes: "Please give me a mask that I fear." Yes, that line also breaks my heart. As Rook, we survived mental conditioning, a lot of gunfights and saw how our friends were slaughtered, and eventually they all ended up with the poor deputy sheriff. Now look at the character that opens the door for you when you arrive in New Eden:

This is The Judge, one of the recruitment specialists in Far Cry New Dawn. And oh look, they have a mask. Mask, court, androgynous construction … do you see where I am going? There is a very real possibility that The Judge is actually an older version of your character from Far Cry 5, who is now a member of New Eden. They also do not speak, so in combination with the fact that you can not really tell physically whether it is a man or a woman, who keeps the gender you choose as niece nervous. The judge also has stealth skills, which fits with Rook's remark about staying undetected, masked and reborn and "wanting to cleanse the world". So it makes sense that they choose to join you during your adventures on the post-apocalyptic wasteland and to clean it off Highwaymen.

So there you have it. There are many indications that The Judge is in fact your character of Far Cry 5. Your broken, silent, converted character. Snick. Well, now I am sad.

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