The HD Rumble feature is a great addition to Switch's range of technical goods and takes the subtle art of vibrating to a whole new level, from a gaming point of view. We often see that functions that deviate from the norm are completely ignored in this way – and especially those that are unique to one console – but HD Rumble has already been used quite a number of times for large and indie releases.

One of the reasons for this is perhaps the available development technology from Nintendo. It's not often that you hear developers talking about the ins and outs of working with a console, but Daylight Studios did just that in a recent interview with Nintendo Soup. The producer of the developer, Faizan Abid, explained how the effect was used in the recently released version Holy potatoes! We are in space?!, revealing that it is a surprisingly easy thing.

"For the rumble function, I can use any kind of sound effect I have in the game and generate the rumble effect, so it will actually follow the exact wave pattern, it's so easy to use, I can just input a sound effect and the rumble again.

So what we did was that we had more than a hundred sound effects in the game. It is clear that we do not thunder everything, but we took all the sound effects of the game, the fire of the weapon and everything, and fed it through a script that turned it into rumbling. We really put everything in, but we realized it was too much. We cut down, and we have a little bit left, but we still think it's a bit too much, but * laughs *. "

Because Nintendo offers the tools to easily drag and drop files, it seems – in contrast to the website builders who do it themselves – the use of the function in a new project seems surprisingly simple. Removing unnecessary development steps sounds like the kind of support you could hope for from a developer's point of view, and is definitely something that helps the Switch's unique features to be used successfully.

Has the HD Rumble feature improved all your favorite games? Would you like it to be used more often? Share your opinion below with us.