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I like alternative reality games. Of course, their only goal is to tease us with vague hints that will ultimately lead to the unveiling of a product, but it is certainly better than someone without a pressure to drop a press release at your feet. After The dark knight ARG more than a decade ago, for some reason they have fallen out of favor. Fortunately, the spirit of bold advertising lives on in Paradox Interactive.

A new "soulmate algorithm" app named "Tender" has just been launched. At first glance, it looks like another dating app, but the Paradox Interactive copyright and the ability to sign in with a Paradox account is the first sign that something is wrong. As soon as you sign up and agree with the newsletter, you will be presented with questions. The questions begin innocently, such as how would you describe yourself to a basic wheel of emotions, then things get a bit fleshy.

You get to see four images and ask which you identify the most. None of those available are what you would see on a normal dating app. There is a girl who looks like she is completely there The ring film, a blospetter on the wall, a scary laughing clown and a bunch of maggots. The next question asks you questions about your blood type. Now I know in Japan that there is a belief that blood groups can say a lot about what kind of person you are, but in the context of maggots and angry clowns, I do not think it has anything to do with it.

Ask five about the app to find soul mate & # 39; s asking how lonely you are on a scale of 1-10. Not too narrow in comparison, but still, wtf? After that you will see an extensive list of interests, and again there is a lot that you would not find on a generic dating app. Of course there are board games and photography, but there is also hedonism and Illuminati. Here is a list of the words that did not seem to me at my place:

Illuminati, Epicurus, thanatology, unknown, chaos magic, sorcery, demonology, machiavel, esotericism, taxidermy, murderers, witchcraft, shamanism, De Sade, rituals, hedonism, cryptides, morbidity and anime.

Once that is complete and you choose a silhouette for your profile, you will be given a random selection of names to choose from based on your interests. Finding humor in CaringHedonist, I selected that as a name. An introductory video that followed explained how the beta for this & # 39; dating app & # 39; would work. Every week for the next six to eight weeks we would be given tasks to complete.

This week, the tasks asked me how I felt (hungry), what I did last weekend (a bike ate) and introduced a conceptual wheel of emotions popularized by Robert Plutchik. The video contains seven of the eight emotions at the wheel and gives you the assignment to find the missing emotion and to say that it is important that it is omitted. The missing emotion is trust, so does the game say that we should not trust anyone?

Finally, the session ends with instructions to wait for further instructions and a short meditation, while a creepy child sings a hymn into a minor.

Okay, so the theory time. White Wolf is the publisher of the famous RPG series with table tops from Vampire: The Masquerade. Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines is one of the most popular Western RPGs in PC history and the series has remained unused in the world of videogames ever since. White Wolf Publishing is the technical owner of the license for V: TM and the corresponding universe, the World of Darkness. I say technically because after a controversial chapter was published in the 2018 version of the V: TM tabletop book, Paradox Interactive has stripped the company and assumed the command.

With Dungeons and dragons now completely back in the cultural spirit of the times, as well Cyberpunk 2020 To get an adaptation to the video game, we are in a new age of video games based on existing tabletop series. I wonder if it is World of Darkness is the next series to get some modern love? I think we will know it in the next six to eight weeks. Which lasts for six to eight weeks until the second half of March until the first week of April. That is nowhere near E3 or PDXCon, so any speculation on that date is welcome.

Great praise for the people at GameDetectives who have used this case in recent weeks. With the help of their detective skills they have collected the entire run of the ARG that led here. You can read more about their work and the path that brought us here on this site.

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