The FBI is on its way

Fallout 76The current situation is even more absurd than you think. In addition to all the bugs that continue to pop up like daisies while Bethesda tries to crush them, there is another big problem: cheating. Although there are simple old cheaters who can be classified as black & white as trainers and dupers from the 90s, other situations are well grayed out.

Simply put, players who are the victims of random glitches or bugs are afraid they will be banned by Bethesda: given that you have to authenticate with a Bethesda account and have to log in to this online game, that would be a big problem. Since Fallout 76 is very buggy these situations happen all the time, including this last debacle of player McStaken.

McStaken notes that they did a "Rad-Rat Horde event" (a public event on the world map) when they went to Vault 63: a previously closed place on the card that will speculate a lot later. They took photos of the whole affair and sent a ticket to Bethesda, hoping their account would not be marked and then banned.

After almost a day of waiting, a Bethesda Community Manager saw the post and stated that they "shared" [the info] with the team. "They seem safe, and if this situation proves anything, it is that using a megaphone to cover your butt and reporting bugs immediately ensures that everything is alright. Fallout 76 is one of the, if not the most, mistakes made so far with mistakes and how much of the responsibility lies with the players to ensure that they are not penalized.

This is one for the record books: the tell-all for this project will one day be a great reading experience.

Obtained access to Vault 63 by mistake. Send a Vault-Tec rescue party [Reddit]

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