With millions of players soaking in the new mega-hit Battle Royale Apex Legends and clearing up his Kings Canyon card for loot, it's cool to see that players are still revealing new secrets where developer Respawn Entertainment crept to. Two Easter eggs discovered since last week's surprise launch include a moving tribute to a developer's dog and the look of the Nessie cuddle that has seen all kinds of sights in the Titanfall series.

Let's start with the latter, in case you are not emotionally prepared for a possible tearful story. As spotted by players and sorted by Kotaku, the mini Loch Ness Monster Plushie Nessie has been a mainstay of Respawn's card design. The small lizard is tucked away at just about every level for every player and a multi-player card. Many Nessie locations have been documented, and Nessie lives on in Apexthat takes place in the same universe as Titanfall. She is currently nestled in the training area, but you have to do some good climbing to reach her.

Those who saw off the training ground on Easter eggs also found a small cuddle dog, which at first seemed just a cute piece of decoration. But you can find the same dog hug in a small corner of Kings Market Market, chilling on a pillow next to two portraits. As lead-level designer Jason McCord explained, this puppy is actually a tribute to his dog Shadie, who died while making Apex Legends.

Image captured by Reddit user digitalastronaut Source

Image captured by Reddit user digitizer Source

"Our 10-year-old dog suddenly died of health problems while I was working hard at Kings Canyon," McCord said twitter. "As any animal lover knows, this was a crushing blow to my morale and made many days difficult to get to work." Shadie was our best friend, so I wanted her to live on in this little corner of the map. me better to visit this area sometimes. "

Shadie was obviously a very good girl, and it is wonderful to see her standing next to a picture of McCord and his wife in plushy form. If you happen to come across Shadie as you search for Champion status, consider giving her a treat from your inventory. It is not as if you are dropping your best weapon attachment to its paws, actually doing everything (which we at least know), but it is in the spirit of honoring all good dogs everywhere. Here is a full version of Shadie & # 39; s photo so you can appreciate her in all her fluffy glory.

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