Goodbye, Denuvo

Sega remains the PC version of Yakuza 0, a wonderfully weird and charming game that will consume your life. I do not think I ever want to come back again Yakuza 0 – once on PS4 was enough, and I still have several follow-up actions to look through – but if my mind changes, I'm definitely double dipping on PC. This port should be more and more tempting for anyone who is considering starting the series.

Highlights of this week Yakuza 0 PC patch includes enhancements to shading and shadowing (especially in Chapter 6), better support for ultra-wide display, a FOV slider (found in the advanced graphical menu) and a user interface switch. Sega also tries to hold on to crashes and improve mouse control.

This is the rest of the list:

  • A problem has been solved where certain particle effects were not displayed (most noticeable when using certain weapons such as the cannon).
  • Border illustrations added that appear in areas with a locked aspect ratio when played in non-16: 9 display modes.
  • Audio scroll bar Background added in audio menu.
  • Option for selection of target monitor output added for multimonitor setups in advanced graphical menu.
  • Added support for QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboard layouts.
  • A problem has been solved where disconnecting a controller during a call could cause a soft lock.
  • An issue has been fixed where the mouse cursor in the application window was restricted in the menu.
  • A problem has been solved that could cause a crash while playing the mini-fishing game.
  • An issue has been fixed where the game could crash if the path of the installation directory contains a point.
  • Improved behavior of camera control when using a mouse to use raw mouse input.
  • Improved behavior of the mouse wheel.
  • Improved Alt + Tab behavior.

This patch is currently beta test, so you have to install it manually within Steam. Find your way inside Yakuza 0& # 39; s Properties section of your Steam library. Once there, go to the Betas tab and use "community_test_branch" for the branch and "DragonOfDojima" for the password.

Users also report that the patch removes Denuvo, so if you take a hard-line stand against anti-tamper technology, that is a remarkable change. It seems that good things are coming for those who wait a few months to buy Sega's PC ports. Kamurocho's vocation. (And so is Old Man Kuze.)

Beta Patch v3 is live – February 11, 2019 [Steam]

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