& # 39; The world has changed, but E3 has not necessarily changed that & # 39;

When Sony announced that it would skip E3 2019, many gamers were shocked. Although the previous year had not been fun for the gaming giant, Sony had not missed any E3 in the 24-year history of the conference. With Microsoft showing up without opposition (Nintendo has not hosted a press conference since 2013), did Sony opt for failures? Did the company have nothing to show off what could be the last year of the PS4?

In a recent interview with CNET, Sony's Shawn Layden (SIE Worldwide Chairman) was questioned about the future of the PlayStation brand and what Sony wants for gamers ahead. Layden explained, among other things, why Sony will not come to E3 and his words are something that I have long thought of. "The world has changed, but E3 has not necessarily changed that."

Layden explains how the event was originally created in an era where the internet was not available to most consumers. In 1995, the only way news about upcoming games was distributed was by journalists reporting to their audience (whether they were magazines or the few websites that were being run). Retailers also attended E3 to see the new stock that would be available for Christmas that year. They had to place orders to ensure that the requirements would be met during the holiday period.

In our modern times, both factors no longer apply. E3 comes too late in the year for stores to make purchase decisions (and they are probably already informed in advance) and game media work on a 24/7 cycle similar to other news sites. Consumers are almost always kept up to date, so E3 does not preserve the relevance it has ever had.

As Layden put it: "In February we have an event called Destination PlayStation, where we bring all retailers and external partners to hear the story of the year, they do purchasing discussions in February, too late to hold a Christmas discussion with retailers. So retail has really lost weight and now journalists, with the internet and the fact that there is game news 24/7, is it [E3] lost its impact. "

Sony has also made the decision to make fewer games, but makes them a bigger experience. Since that is the side effect of not having something new for 2019, what better chance to move away from E3? "With our decision to do fewer games – larger games – over longer periods of time," Layden emphasizes, "we came to a point where June 2019 did not have time for us to say something new."

With all that said, it makes sense that Sony ignores E3. Maybe gamers do not want to admit the truth, but E3 has not been that important for a long time. With the rise of conventions such as PAX and RTX, specific niches of gaming get the conferences they want with the practical time that E3 can not offer. Unless E3 does something to fight these other conventions, I'm not sure if it will survive the next generation of consoles.

Sony & # 39; s Shawn Layden wants fewer, bigger PlayStation games [CNET]

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