Pokemon Poll IMG 11

The poll contained many well-known Nintendo characters, such as Mario, Link and Isabelle, but in the end Waluigi won a landslide victory.

Apparently this was not a one-off, like that of The Pokémon Company Japanese Twitter account is now interested to know which character from fans of the Pokémon universe would most like to spend a special day with Valentine's Day. To find out who is the most beloved, it conducts a poll with seven men and seven women from a long time. series.

The girls will be a bit rusty, Siliconera has provided a handy translation guide, so you can really jump on Twitter and use one of the following hashtags to say goodbye. also White Day.

"Which of these characters would you like to give a Valentine chocolate to?"

  • lance – # I give chocolate to Wataru
  • Morty – # I will give chocolate to Matsuba
  • Steven Stone – # I give chocolate to Daigo
  • Völkner – # I give chocolate to Denji
  • N – I give chocolate # N
  • Maple – # I give chocolate to Platane
  • Gladion – # I will give chocolate to Gladgio

"Which of these characters would you like to receive a Valentine's chocolate?

  • Erika – # Receive chocolate from Erica
  • Jasimine – # I get chocolate from a mandarin
  • Flannery – # I get chocolate from Asuna
  • Cynthia – # I get chocolate from Sirona
  • Elesa – # I get chocolate from camomile
  • Korrina – # I get chocolate from Corni
  • Lillie – # Get chocolate from Liliy

Tell us which Pokemon character you love the most in the comments below.