Stan Lee's appearance in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was bittersweet. The man who brought so many iconic superheroes to life – and also fond of a cameo or two – died a few weeks before the release of the film. In The Spider-Verse was the first time that we could say goodbye to Stan & Man and celebrate his legacy.

That walk-on section was actually only one of the two times that Stan Lee appeared in Into the Spider-Verse, but the second one has only just been found. It is probably even better than its first.

You remember the first cameo. Miles Morales goes to a comic store in the aftermath of Peter Parker's death to buy a Spidey outfit. Stan Lee is the registrar and points with a broad grin to a sign that gives no refund. It's cute, but not the best way to draw for a man who was so closely tied to the webhead.

However, the second secret appearance is much better. It is also really well hidden. During a scene in which Miles And last but not least gets to grips with his new powers in the last action, he is seen through the streets of Manhattan while a train rattles through the air. But if you zoom in on one of the carriages, there is Stan Lee, as a signal booster by Sony Picture Imageworks & Senior Animator Nick Kondo on Twitter:

Yes, cartoon Stan Lee does the webshooter pose and Yes, it is all amazing, word play absolutely meant. The fact that his last role on the screen at everyone's favorite Spider-Man neighborhood sees that he is there when a brand new hero finally gets his mind down, should be enough to get the chills on your back.

It is also a testament for everyone who has worked on the film; there are plenty of Easter eggs and, as Kondo points out, you can experience these moments again and again when the Blu-ray appears on March 19th. Do not forget your magnifying glass.

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