Mysterious events happen in Apex Legends and we are all on board of the hype train. Eagle-eyed players have seen a message in the Apex Legends kill feed: "A Nessy appears …". It leaves everyone pretty baffled.

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Now you may think that this is just a small Easter egg and a look back at the Titanfall games from Respawn. However, Respawn community manager Jay Frechette agreed on the reddit discussion with the comment, "Let's say someone is doing something …". Associate producer Josh Medina also followed that with: "How long someone gets it, say imma that I believe in the community and say that they will get it in a week".

Since the original Titanfall, a small cuddle object from the Loch Ness monster has been a regular feature of Respawn cards. Apex Legends is in the Titanfall universe, albeit many years in the future, so it makes sense that Nessy made a return. But what is Respawn teasing? There are several Nessies in the training area of ​​Apex Legends, but it is the one you find on the Kings Canyon card that seems important.

That first Nessy location is by Cascades on the Apex Legends card. Go to the respawn station where you can revive your dead teammates, go a bit further north and you will find a small pond. Taking a dip is a green Nessy. Shoot it and a message appears in the kill feed: "A Nessy appears".

It seems that something is going on and now the Apex Legends community knows about it, no doubt it will be solved quickly. The general consensus is that more Nessy toys will be on the card and that if they are all shot, something will happen. Maybe the huge leviathans come out of the map to the shore, munching to someone who is foolish enough to get around?

A Reddit commentator claims that there are 10 Nessy toys to be found while dug in the files, but with nothing to support that claim, it could be a troll. One thing is certain: the Apex Legends journey has only just begun, and we are certainly in for a wild ride.