You can not ignore it: Far Cry 5 had a bad feeling.

I respected Ubisoft's decision to shake things up a bit, but in the moment after I had disassembled a doomsday cult from scratch (and had an irreversible dent in Montana's wild animal population), I felt deflate. All that difficult progress disappeared, and for what? Subversion?

I will not dwell on the finer details of the final, but if you have heard something about it Far Cry New DawnYou will know that we have entered a post-job, tinted cotton candy era. This budget-oriented release is a "continuation and a conclusion for Far Cry 5"with noisy new enemies and familiar but worn faces.

Animals hello New Dawn have monstrous new variants

Far Cry New Dawn (PC, PS4 [reviewed on a PS4 Pro], Xbox One)
Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft
Edition: 15 February 2019
MSRP: $ 39.99

Right to the point, you get much more pleasure from it New Dawn if you saw Far Cry 5 to the bitter end, but at the same time it is quite understandable without those connections from the past.

Really, there are not so many moving parts. 17 years in the future the world is no longer in flames and nature is back with revenge. The surviving residents of Hope County have attempted to establish permanent roots, just like others in the United States. Thomas Rush, a leading figure in the attempt to rebuild society, receives an emergency call from the good people of Prosperity. A sadistic and energy-consuming group of raiders, called the Highwaymen, Montana is rowed in and wants to grab everything before they start their next bloody pit stop. In the typical Far Cry fashion, opposing ideologies clash, and it is suddenly up to you – this time playing as Rush's unnamed captain – to collect the resistance.

There are a few other complications, as always, but that is the core of this fleshy adventure. You will encounter the Twins, the uncompromising leaders of the Highwaymen, and also the remains of Eden's Gate, including our best friend Joseph Seed. Rest assured, there is closure for returning players.

You can think of New Dawn as a substantial stand-alone extension to Far Cry 5. It is not as ambitious in terms of reach or story as a traditional sequel, but ultimately it works in favor of the game. Ubisoft got Hope County in order, gave it a lively make-over and threw a few new peculiarities into the established formula. It was the right call. As much as I dug Far Cry 5it was too big and uneven for his own good. New Dawn keeps most of what worked and bundled it together with a better sense of lightness and pace. There was some emotional charge left behind, but New DawnThe story never comes in to preserve your pleasure.

The designers have processed an important facet of it Far Cry – clearing outposts managed by the enemy and then re-establishing them all again – directly in the core progression of the story. In order to build your home base of Prosperity, you will also need to seek and recruit specialists and gather corresponding resources.

Gently pick up an outpost with your healthy granny sniper or go in firearms with an indestructible rat pig and earn valuable Ethanol needed for basic upgrades. Re-fighting that same outpost, and better rewards are obvious, albeit with a harder opposition blocking the road. While the past Far Cry titles prevented the reset option for the post game, it is a central point here. The system fits nicely New Dawn& # 39; s so-called "light RPG" mechanics. In short, weapons have four levels, and the same applies to the Highwaymen who, at their highest rank, will come after you have decked out in hilariously resilient extreme-sports armor. But the key word is light.

You'll be screaming for trinkets while exploring named locations in Hope County and using these doodads to make increasingly powerful SMGs, spades, sniper rifles, bows, and saw launchers capable of taking down high placed enemies. As you make your way through the map and earn enough stuff to upgrade your base, higher weapons become usable. That is it. There is no real booty system.

Alcatraz is one of the expeditions in New Dawn

In the worst case, cleaning up resources is pointless cleaning work between gunfights. At best it is a non-issue; you can get parts by playing a fun new activity. I do not mind picking up gears and bundles of tape, but the process is certainly not exciting, which is a missed opportunity.

Apart from a single mission that came in very late New Dawn& # 39; s story, I never seemed too weak or overpowered. The balance felt right – tough but fair, with room for cheap AI partner tactics when I was in trouble. If you hate the noise of grinding for materials, do not forget to bring animal skins with you after the hunt and make sure to at least release a few Expeditions for big payouts. With that you come to the end.

Expeditions are one-time levels spread across the US, in which you fly in through a helicopter, remove a sort of hidden item (which can then be followed by infinite-propagating enemies) and come alive from a nearby extraction point. They are like larger, better and more challenging outposts, ranging from an amusement park to Alcatraz to a crash site on the space station. In particular, co-op players will be in heaven. I have a tendency to tackle Far Cry only story missions, but with Expeditions I want to actively cooperate.

With that in mind, New Dawn is the purest pleasure I have had Far Cry to date. The action is constantly changing and clinging in the right way. Every weapon is a joy, just like the chaos in the open world. If the developers can ensure that I expand my horizon beyond the bow, they have done something right.

There is a real cotton candy aesthetic going on

There is, however, a compromise. The Twins (and the Highwaymen in general) seem to be one-dimensional. They are more threatening than worked out. And the plot – apart from the strange ripple here and there – could have been less predictable. It is lighter than we are used to. That said, I enjoyed it so much and I appreciate that the main story and the side missions are no longer welcome. You can burn out New Dawn in a weekend if you're in a hurry, or you can stay in the long run by using Expeditions to constantly raise guns and extras. At this point, my captain absolutely patches mutated monster bears.

The best story is striking New Dawn still too short Far Cry 5'S highest points, but this isolated sequel is, on the whole, a more general experience. Ubisoft knows when to be serious and when his silly flag must fly. This time the top priority was the scene for player-driven hijinks, and not the enforcement of story moments with a heavy hand. After all the doom and darkness sown by Joseph Seed and his cohorts, Far Cry New Dawn resonates as a much-needed palate cleanser for the next complete romp.

Looking forward, the series is equipped to deviate in a number of convincing new directions. I do not know what to expect from the future of Far Cryand that is so exciting. My mind buzzes with possibilities.

[This review is based on a retail build of the game provided by the publisher.]

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Far Cry New Dawn reviewed by Jordan Devore



Impressive effort with a few noticeable problems to stop it. Not everyone will be surprised, but it is worth your time and money.
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