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The Earth has become a Cthulhu, the enormous octopus-headed monster with dragon wings, in truth inconceivable, adored by demented believers, "Hideous contradiction of all the laws of matter and of the cosmic order", imagined by the American writer Lovecraft in 1926 – become the hero of many fantastic video games. Degraded by two centuries of industrial productivism, the vertiginous urbanization, the sacking of the biosphere, driven by the atmospheric warming in a climatic runaway accompanied by devastating "major events", possibly threatened by processes of gearing towards a rise between 4 and 5 degrees as suggested by the theory of the "oven", the Earth becomes an uncontrollable geophysiological system – a kind of monster. Cthulhu …

«Destructive powers / generators

This is the disturbing vision developed by American zoologist and philosopher Donna Haraway in her Chthulucene Manifesto (University of Minnesota Press, 2016), where she assures us that unheard-of earthly powers have been released: "These powers arise through all that is Terra. They are destructive / generators and are not accessible to anyone. They are unfinished and can be terrifying. (…) Terran forces will kill fools who will continue to provoke. "

In the continuity of the hypotheses of the scientists Lynn Margulis and James Lovelock considering the Earth as a biotic entity self-regulating the environment, or the philosopher Bruno Latour evoking "Gaia the Earth", Haraway argues that the planet has deregulated, that it becomes unpredictable: "Gaia and her parents are not the Mother; they are serpentine gorgonians like the mortal and untamed Medusa; they do not care about the thing called itself Anthropos … " And that is why, she writes, the Anthropocene becomes a "chthulucene" – a chaotic era from which she hopes to "Regenerations" and an "Resurgence of vitality".

Cognitive decline

The metaphor of a land that has become monstrous and unpredictable is not only poetic, or fantastic. Because on the Earth Cthulhu, the arrogant humans who "Industrialize, super-transport and capitalize " that Haraway calls the "Fossil producers", intermingled with the biogeological and biochemical powers, so that unpredictable "Carbon fire" can occur at any time …