Bungie reiterated her pride in having developed "Destiny 2: Rénégats" after Activision said the expansion did not live up to expectations.
Bungie reiterated her pride in having developed "Destiny 2: Rénégats" after Activision said the expansion did not live up to expectations. Activision

The rumor was already running for a few hours, but it is in the afternoon of Thursday, January 10 that the video game development studio Bungie has officialized the news: the head of the series destinyAfter eight years working for Activision, the largest publisher of Western video games, he starts his own business.

In a statement released Thursday night, Bungie said she remains the owner of the Destiny brand. The studio will continue to support and provide updates for the latest episode, Destiny 2, edited by Activision in 2017. It will remain playable from the publisher's online store.

"The transition phase is already under way", writes Bungie. "We know that self-publishing will not be easy, and we still have a lot to learn. But we see the unlimited potential Destiny is waiting for. "

If Bungie stresses his desire to self-publish, the situation is reminiscent of the studio in 2007, when he released his commitment to Microsoft to fall three years later in the arms of Activision.

"By becoming independent [après avoir quitté Microsoft en 2007] and looking to build a whole new experience, we needed a partner ready to take this leap into the unknown with us. We had our vision for Destiny, but to launch such an ambitious game, we needed the help of a strong publisher. To date, more than 50 million Destiny have been sold. "

Other publishers were quick to congratulate Bungie for her newfound independence (like Mark Rein, vice president of Epic Games), even to feign a foot call, like the most modest Digital Devolver.

The studio is also not completely lacking, since in 2018 the Chinese giant NetEase had invested $ 100 million, sum which would then allow him to develop new series, along with destiny.

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Tensions with Activision

The tensions between Activision and Bungie are not new.
The tensions between Activision and Bungie are not new. Activision

If the series has painfully ended up meeting its audience at the option of extensions significantly improving the gaming experience, sales destiny have never risen to those of Activision's flagship series, like Call of Duty.

US journalist Jason Schreier recalls that Bungie's relationship with his publisher has never been better : "Bungie wanted to target big players first, when Activision was unhappy with sales. "

According to his information, "Bungie's teams cheered when they heard the news. There is no word that they are happy to leave Activision on the one hand, but also to find themselves alone in charge of the series. destiny ".

As highlighted by the site jeuxvideo.com, many figures of the studio have already slammed the door since 2013. Internally, thinks know the specialized site, one imputes the difficulties that had had Destiny 2 to meet his audience at the decisions imposed by Activision.

Founded in 1991, Bungie is a precursor studio, having laid some of the most important milestones in the history of the shooting game, until then confined to computers, that the studio has managed to bring on other media. He is responsible for the trilogy Marathon on Mac from 1994 to 1996 and, most importantly, the very popular series Halo on Xbox from 2001 to 2010.

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