In 2015, France 3 Auvergne made a report on Enzo. This young rugby player then displayed exceptional measurements for his age: 11 years, 96 kilos for 1.84 m.

Internet users are passionate about its history. The following video has been viewed over a million times:

Four years later, we wanted to know where it was … He was kind enough to answer our questions:

– How are you since the report?

Since the video of January 2015 with Jérôme Doumeng and his team, many things have changed. I had to move to get closer to Clermont-Ferrand vis-à-vis my very busy schedule from a sports point of view. My notoriety has developed a lot throughout France and even more. My school and sports integration was quickly made thanks to the report.

The eyes of others about me have changed a lot in a good way. My character has also evolved. After, for someone shy and reserved like me, it's not easy to be fingered all the time: "Oh, it's Enzo, the one who made the video!" But hey, I'm 'am done there.

– What is your daily life today?

I live simply with my parents who are very close to me and my little sister. She is 7 years old and is in sports gym studies at the ASM. We are a very sporty family!

From a school point of view, I am currently in 3rd at Franc Rosier College in Clermont-Ferrand, rugby section. I pass the patent this year because I'm just 15 years old a month ago.

I am on schedule to begin training with the ASM (gym and field). In the evening, on weekdays, I finish the day at 20 hours. With the games on Saturday, I still have very little free time but it's a choice and I take it entirely. It must be admitted that linking school and sports is not always easy every day.

Enzo is in 3rd with schedules arranged to be able to train with the ASM. / © Stéphane Coppin
Enzo is in 3rd with schedules arranged to be able to train with the ASM. / © Stéphane Coppin

My hobbies are mainly sports in general but I like traveling. For example, I went to Peru in July 2018 with my family. I also like music (Dadju, MHD, Drake, Master Gims) and some video games, like Fortnite. These are my occupations during my spare time.

One important thing to note is the important follow-up of my family in all my travels, and it's huge for me to be supported all the time.

Side girl, difficult to find one of my age adapted to my morphology but I work. And then later, I think they will come from itself!

On a sporting level, can you tell us where you are?

I am still at the ASM Clermont category Alamercery U16. I feel really good in this club because it takes care of me very well from a sports point of view as school. Big means are present to help you evolve safely. The ASM has large structures so that I can continue to progress.

I joined the France U16 Pole Espoirs since September 2018 and my status as "top athlete" has been validated by the FFR. I'm leaving a 2-day preparation course in Marcoussis at the beginning of December.

With 1m95 for 138 kilos, Enzo plays left pillar

My post is left pillar, and my current measurements are 1m95 for 138 kg. The post of pillar of now has evolved well! We are asked a lot of activities. In addition to my physical qualities and my ability to cross, I have to continue to progress some points such as displacement. I have to be faster from one ruck to another.

Currently, I do not have a contract with the ASM (I am still young), but I am linked to the Cluster Academy France Clermont for a period of 3 years. According to the various interviews already conducted with the staff of the ASM or Pôle espoir France, I would have the profile to hope and try to become a professional player one day. But only the future will tell us and the will that I will put in the work.

Last year, some Top 14 clubs came forward but I told them I was very good at my current club and that for now it was too early. My parents managed this situation. I am still very young and for now, I continue to give the maximum with the current club because the road is still very long.

Why did you choose to be faithful to the CLM club of the ASM?

I think that from a training point of view, it's one of the best clubs in France. They really put all the means necessary for us to succeed, it's almost a second family for me.

In addition, the image of the ASM club is very important for the region which motivates me even more.

Doctors, preparers, nutritionists, teachers for tutoring and many others are always there to help you and that's what I like a lot for 4 years.

Do you want to make a career in rugby?

Without hesitation, I wish to make a career in rugby that I practice since the age of 4 years and a half! I have made so much effort and sacrifice that I can not stop without trying to catch this chance to become a professional.

After, it's true that I do not have a normal life as a child but it's a choice.

I want to continue my studies in sport, to become a coach, for example, but it will depend a lot on my school level.

What has changed for you since this report? Is the look of others more benevolent now (or not?)

The big change is my current notoriety. The risk is that I am expected everywhere by the other players in each match: "everyone wants to break me" as they say …

My sporting success does not please everyone, a certain jealousy has settled in some children or some parents. Year after year, players are not kept, so people do not look at you like before, or even say hello.

There are remarks I hear all the time: "But how does he do to have a physique like that at his age? It's not natural … "I've been used to it for a number of years, being different is never easy, but the support of my family and the club allows me to go beyond that.