These are just a few lines written by Ubisoft in a blog post, but it's a big shake-up in the video game industry. " You can already preorder […] The Division 2 on Epic Games Store. Clearly, Ubisoft is the first heavyweight in the industry to take the leap and launch one of its titles on this new online video game store recently launched by the company behind the hit game "Fortnite".

The French group said his game "Tom Clancy's The Division 2" would be available on March 15 and pre-orders are already open on the Epic Games Store, as well as on its own UPLAY distribution service.

Epic Games Store donates 88% of revenue to publishers

" It's a business decision to focus on the Epic Games Store for this release. Ubisoft fully supports this distribution model which is a very good thing for the industry in the long term ", Says a spokesman for Ubisoft. " This game is not expected to be released on Steam yet. However, the title Far Cry New Dawn (released February 15: Ed) will be available on Steam and UPLAY, but not on the Epic Games store. "

In recent years, Steam has established itself as the leading platform for online PC game sales. A quasi-monopolistic situation strongly rushed in recent weeks.

Epic Games launched its online store in December. To gain a foothold in the market and attract publishers, the group takes only 12% of the revenue generated and reverse 88% to them, when Steam retains 30% on its platform. Epic Games is customary. His boss, Tim Sweeney, is also standing up against the 30% taken by Google and Apple's mobile app stores; his game "Fortnite" is thus available neither on the PlayStore of the first nor on the AppStore of the second.

Steam has revised its rate down for major publishers

The arrival of a Ubisoft game on the Epic Games Store is a tour de force for the latter. The hardest thing for this store is going to be to build a catalog of video games dense and attractive if it wants to arouse the interest of the players.

For this, nothing better than the most popular titles of major publishers. In response, Steam has recently lowered its levy rate on the most profitable games to convince the major players in the industry to stay or return to its "marketplace". " When a game generates more than $ 10 million on Steam, the revenue share […] will be adjusted to 75% "Detailed the group on its website. Beyond 50 million turnover, the company now retains only 20% of revenues.

Epic Games in negotiation with other groups

For now, only about fifteen games are available on the Epic Games Store and a dozen are announced for the coming weeks. In comparison, more than 7,600 new titles were released on Steam in 2017, according to Steam Spy site counts.

But Epic Games has taken language with many publishers to multiply partnerships. In France, the company is currently negotiating with Gameloft, Focus Home Interactive, as well as Bigben Interactive, according to our information.

For Ubisoft, this is a real gamble since "Tom Clancy" is one of its most popular franchises. And this partnership should not be an isolated hit. " Ubisoft and Epic Games Store will also collaborate on new additional titles to be announced during the coming year ", Reads the press release. An announcement able to convince other players in the sector to get started.

Nicolas Richaud