"There is such a profusion of means of communication thatin my opinion, they will galore, anyway … " fun Sebastien Chenaf. In the world of video games, the latest DGSE, the Directorate General of External Security, would rather laugh.

Seeking trainee for hacking Fortnite

The newspaper The world revealed on January 7 a special offer of internship, reserved by French intelligence services at some major schools. Title of the internship: "retro-design and operation of video game protocols". "More and more people are using connected video games (PUBG, Fortnite, CounterStrike, WoW, League of Legends …) to divert their first use" describe the intelligence services.

Clearly: the forums and voice servers would be used to exchange information through persons likely to threaten the security of the State.

Sebastian "Drijoka" Chenaf is a player, e-sports manager now a member of the Wat Social Club, a consulting agency specializing in e-sports and gaming. The information leaves him skeptical. He has never witnessed ambiguous exchanges. "After the attacks of September 11, 2001 – it's old, so – There had been rumors that some preparations had been made for video games. It's the only story I've heard … "

Will DGSE go there?

For him, targeting internal servers, the DGSE would miss its target somewhat. "Most written conversations are about video games, but most oral communications are on third-party programs. Before it was Teamspeak, Discord … We have Skype, some are hosted on private servers. I hope in any case that they are aware that the spectrum is much wider than that. "

It should be added that the discussion spaces of the players are overwhelminglymanaged by moderators. Admittedly, given the volume of the exchanges, to control everything is impossible, but the remarks falling under the blow of the law (as, for example, the contents pedophiles) are already reported to the police.

And then, without prejudging the DGSE: will she navigate it? "All games have their own language, if someone on Call of Duty says: "Let's go B, take out the kalach," how are we going to know if it's about gambling or an attack?" wonders the professional player.

"Find me in Fleury"

On the side of the community of gamers, we are laughing frankly. Humor, provocations: "yes, when we play CounterStrike with friends at two in the morning, we have freedom of speech, some people would be shocked to listen to these conversationsbut it's very good child ", confirms Sébastien Chenaf.

No accusations of stigmatizing gamers for the DGSE. "There is no correlation that has been made directly with:"Oh la la, it's because he plays Call of Duty that he wants to prepare an attack ", Judge Drijoka. The DGSE, for once, is not there. For me, basically, it means that the games have become so mainstream, and that there are so many people on them, that it becomes an issue like any other. "