"A catalog of internships has been circulating for years in universities and engineering schools" explained an external security employee (DGSE) to AFP. "It is aimed at an audience of geeks, who might be tempted by a first professional experience with us".

Seeking Fortnite Fans

This initiative in the direction of the "millenials" was mentioned last month by the confidential letter, generally well informed, "Online Intelligence"who had specified that "The service plans to find loopholes in the most popular online games among young players such as PUBG, Fortnite or League of Legends."

Internal messaging games online, hard to monitor, have long been used by criminal or terrorist circles for their communications.

"The internship allows young engineers to put a foot in the house, which can then lead to a fixed-term contract", added the same source.

"We are mainly looking for creative people"

In recent years, the DGSE has benefited from budget increases for the recruitment of hundreds of engineers in the cryptology, telecommunications and all digital fields.

"We are mainly looking for creative people," entrusted to AFP, in May 2017, the technical director of the DGSE, Patrick Pailloux. "We have to get to our enemies, who can be extremely violent, hidden, so you have to be imaginative, and when the threats come, you have to find solutions."

If the DGSE is struggling, when its digital specialists spend their thirties, to compete with the private sector, where these engineers are in great demand and where wages are flying, "early in the career, where our salaries are competitive with the private sector, we have good candidates", said Patrick Pailloux. "And it's still a good business card".