"We are happy with the results, the identified growth drivers are working well and the marketing of spaces is very strong", rejoices Christine Cabau-Woehrel. The president of Port Marseille-Fos since 2014 does not hide her satisfaction with the results of the past year. A year marked by a strong logistical and industrial establishment with 130 hectares that were the subject of contracts and commercial negotiations during the year, including flagship projects such as the installation of Chinese Quenchen or the extension of Interxion.

"We are positive, we are investing and the manufacturers too, the strengthening of the modal shift is a sign of confidence"Christine Cabau-Woehrel analyzes. Logistics spaces that will lead to container business, up for the seventh consecutive year despite a decline in growth (+ 2%), said the president. "The situation is quite healthy, we build in hard".

100 million euros of investment

Side hard precisely, the port has just announced that the group Adim-Caisse des Dépôts-Vinci won the tender to transform the J1. Wedged between the Mucem and the Terrasses du Port, the 25,000 sqm master hangar is the latest symbol of the desire of the Port of Marseille to change its seafront and enhance its land. "When I think that a few years ago, we had received an offer of 15 million euros, we can say that the management was good"congratulates Jean-Marc Forneri, chairman of the port's supervisory board.

The expected investment is about 100 million euros, the low range announced at the launch of the call for projects 18 months earlier. No detail is yet given on the contractualization, the negotiations must begin soon for a conclusion at the end of March.

Only the project, named La Passerelle, has been put forward. Designed by the architects Reichen & Robert (Halles de La Villette, Provençal alleys of Aix), it promises "balanced multi-faceted programming between economy and leisure". The architecture must allow the public access to the building to propose "a walk for all Marseillais "says Jean-Marc Forneri.

Offices and coworking

On the program, 10,800 m2 of offices dedicated to the tertiary and coworking, a Marriott hotel with 130 rooms, restaurants, halls and a space for recreation and sport including an outdoor pool. The venue will also offer a "Game Life Agora", a room dedicated to events around digital and video games. The inauguration is scheduled for 2023.

It will therefore be necessary for the group to fill the spaces, the neighboring Docks and part of the Terraces port offering a wide range of catering while the Tower La Marseillaise has filled its offices with great public occupation blows.

After the launch of the project on J1, the port can now move towards development until J4, where the Mucem is located. The end point of a restructuring of the seafront after including the Silo, the Regards Foundation and the Vaults of the Major. A way to continue generating revenue to optimize its equipment to be more competitive and attractive.