DGSE wants to access the discussions of multiplayer video game players like Fortnite. A six-month internship offer has been posted online.

The Fortnite phenomenon game now brings together more than 200 million players worldwide. And these players can chat with each other without anyone having access to their conversation. But that should not last. DGSE is very interested in this shooter, as in other multiplayer video games such as World of Warcraft or League of Legends.

As reported by "Le Monde", the French intelligence service seeks to recruit a trainee, for six months, to have access to the internal discussion areas of these games. For this, an offer of internship in good and due form was transmitted by the Ministry of the Armed Forces to specialized schools.

Spot the gaps in the games

"More and more people are using connected video games to divert their original use," reads the online offer. According to the Ministry of the Armed Forces, "the means of communication made available in these games are used furtively to exchange specific information".

The trainee will have some work to do. He will have to "map out" these games, then select one or two to analyze their operation and, above all, identify any flaws to exploit. These may allow the intelligence service to discreetly enter the channels of discussion.

It is possible that the DGSE already knows how to get into the communication systems of certain games, and that this internship offer aims to attract young graduates with high potential.

Leila Marchand