POLICE – After Christophe Dettinger, the yellow boxer boxer, Didier Andrieux, the police officer under investigation who hit protesters, here is a new character who starts to talk about him: the policeman masked a skull . An investigation has been opened.

The photos of a member of the forces of the order mobilized during act VIII of the yellow vests in Toulouse circulates on the social networks. His particularity: he wore a skull mask reminiscent of the character Ghost in the video game "Call of Duty". He was spotted by members of the Observatory of Police Practices who was on site. A protester and a photo reporter took two snapshots of the individual and shared them on social networks.

According to the prefecture of Haute-Garonne, cited by USAinformationsit is an agent that was integrated into the security of the event ".

Questioned by France 3, a police source assures that the policeman wore this hood "without ulterior motive" and that he removed it quickly after a call to order of a member of his hierarchy present on the spot. The prefecture, however, announced to the media that an administrative investigation by the departmental direction of public security (DDSP) of Haute-Garonne was going to be opened to identify the policeman and the motivations that led him to wear this mask.

"A decision on the administrative consequences that will be reserved for him will be taken.The wearing of this type of equipment is inappropriate and inadmissible as to the image it refers to," said the prefecture.

A prohibited act, a "lack of professionalism"

The protester who took the picture spoke to this police officer and reported part of his exchange to France 3:

"- The policeman: Do you want a selfie with me?

-The protester: No, I'm taking pictures of you to show your lack of professionalism.


– The policeman: but you know the game?

This last question may have referred to "Call of Duty" and his character.

"It's totally misplaced, inappropriate, it shows that a number of police officers lack professionalism and follow-up, denouncing to USAinformations Jean-François Mignard, Secretary General of the League of Human Rights (LDH) and resident of Toulouse. If it's funny, it's not funny. He plays war? It's a funny conception of policing. When a policeman walks around with this stuff, he thinks he's going to war. There is a kind of gap that is created between the police and the demonstrators, seen as enemies.

Finally, the prefecture specifies that putting a hood was forbidden to this agent since the police "are anonymized on the public road only if they are part of specialized services in the fight against terrorism or intelligence like the BRI, the DGSI or the Raid Outside of these directions, the police do not hide their faces ".

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