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Aragami: assessment of the shadow edition (switch)

Stealth is a difficult thing to get well into gaming, and it's something that developers have been trying to do for decades. Are you going down? Golden Eye route and encourage the player to sneak around while still having the… Continue Reading →

God Eater 3 Review – Aragami Hunter

Gigantic inhuman entities that threaten humanity are something we are all familiar with in the year 2019. Monster Hunter, Attack on Titan, Godzilla – there is something inherently compelling about the tropics, where desperate survivors face incredible chances and incredibly… Continue Reading →

Feature: How Aragami: Shadow Edition deliberately wins Win over switch Ninjas

For those who are not aware, Aragami: shadow edition is a third-degree game of a third person that you throw as a restless warrior who is blessed with the ability to control shadows that must come in whole useful at… Continue Reading →

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