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Review: God Eater 3

Juvenile Devour Fantasy Sometimes it is good to come in second place. That has been the case with gods eater, The challenging challenger of Bandai Namco against Capcom & # 39; s moloch Monster Hunter series. Although it never completely… Continue Reading →

God Eater 3 Review – Aragami Hunter

Gigantic inhuman entities that threaten humanity are something we are all familiar with in the year 2019. Monster Hunter, Attack on Titan, Godzilla – there is something inherently compelling about the tropics, where desperate survivors face incredible chances and incredibly… Continue Reading →

Assessment in progress: God Eater 3

Less is Vore Given the fact that I have not been playing in a hunting game for a few days, others are mastering hundreds of hours in mastering, I think it's a bit early for me to say God Eater… Continue Reading →

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