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Review: God Eater 3

Juvenile Devour Fantasy Sometimes it is good to come in second place. That has been the case with gods eater, The challenging challenger of Bandai Namco against Capcom & # 39; s moloch Monster Hunter series. Although it never completely… Continue Reading →

God Eater 3 Review – Aragami Hunter

Gigantic inhuman entities that threaten humanity are something we are all familiar with in the year 2019. Monster Hunter, Attack on Titan, Godzilla – there is something inherently compelling about the tropics, where desperate survivors face incredible chances and incredibly… Continue Reading →

Assessment in progress: God Eater 3

Less is Vore Given the fact that I have not been playing in a hunting game for a few days, others are mastering hundreds of hours in mastering, I think it's a bit early for me to say God Eater… Continue Reading →

Feature: God playing: How Peter Molyneux Japan with densely addicted

When the Super Famicom hit Japanese stores at the end of 1990, it was accompanied by a large number of particularly strong titles that provided excellent work to communicate the power and versatility of Nintendo's new platform: Super Mario World,… Continue Reading →

God Of War Director explains why more bosses have not landed in the game

God of War is really a gigantic game. A truly amazing, gigantic game that actually won our Game of the Year prize. But even in the biggest games some stuff has to remain on the floor of the cutting room… Continue Reading →

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