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Sega Ages Out Run gets a soundtrack release in Japan

Get ready! Spout is an arcade classic with a number of exceptional music. The various ports and sequels of recent years have only added to that rich musical landscape with new tunes for every game. When it was released on… Continue Reading →

The flagship Yo-Kai Watch in Japan is closed

It is a sad day Although it is not the end of Yo-Kai LookIt is the end of an era: the Japanese flagship Yoroz Mart (originally called Yo-Kai, Yoroz Mart) will arrive later this month on 24 February. Known as… Continue Reading →

Feature: God playing: How Peter Molyneux Japan with densely addicted

When the Super Famicom hit Japanese stores at the end of 1990, it was accompanied by a large number of particularly strong titles that provided excellent work to communicate the power and versatility of Nintendo's new platform: Super Mario World,… Continue Reading →

Fitness Boxing faces stock shortages in Japan after players share weight loss stories online

After a very slow and steady start, Imagine & # 39; s Nintendo published title Fitness boxing seems to be thriving in Japan, all thanks to players who share their weight loss stories online. Since last month's release, Fitness Boxing… Continue Reading →

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