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Marvel responds to Netflix's decision to cancel Jessica Jones and The Punisher

In the meantime you have probably seen the news Netflix has canceled The Punisher and Jessica Jones, effectively putting an end to the long-term relationship between the streaming platform and Marvel Entertainment, which already started in 2015 with the Daredevil… Continue Reading →

Netflix's The Punisher and Jessica Jones canceled, but Marvel gives fans hope for return

The The Punisher and Jessica Jones series from Netflix have been canceled. Deadline reports that Season 3 of Jessica Jones will still be broadcast on the streaming service, but it will mark the end of her run. The Punisher will… Continue Reading →

Netflix and Marvel complete the messy break, The Punisher and Jessica Jones have been canceled

It has taken a long time, but Netflix has finally put an end to its relationship with Marvel. It has been a messy disintegration, with Daredevil, Luke Cage, The Defenders and Iron Fist, all of whom were trapped in the… Continue Reading →

Watch new Captain Marvel TV Spot, Dumbo Trailer

Disney has been on a trailer today. In addition to the new Aladdin trailer that showed a worrying look at Will Smith when the Genie, Disney and its subsidiary Marvel today released new spots for Captain Marvel and Dumbo. The… Continue Reading →

Captain Marvel lands on the cover of the new edition of Total Film magazine – now on sale!

If someone has the chance to stop Thanos, it must be Captain Marvel, is not it? Why would Nick Fury pick her up differently during the dramatic end of Infinity War? Hopefully her upcoming solo film will help answer that… Continue Reading →

The Russos have a plan to ensure that characters like Captain Marvel are not too powerful in Avengers: Endgame

If she is in it, Captain Marvel will undoubtedly be the wildcard in Avengers 4: Endgame. She can fly in space, she can skugly disguise as grandmother's really, very hard and, yes, she has the cat of goose. But Thanos… Continue Reading →

EXCLUSIVE: Go higher, further, faster with these new Captain Marvel images with hero Brie Larson and baddie Ben Mendelsohn

Unless you have lived under a rock, or inexplicably traveled through time to the 90s, you will be aware that Captain Marvel – the newest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – will soon hit cinemas. Very fast. You will… Continue Reading →

The first screening response of Captain Marvel is out – and Goose the cat is MVP

The cat is out of the bag: Captain Marvel is said to have been shown to a handful of happy people. As you can imagine, half of the universe waits for the first reaction of the film with bated breath…. Continue Reading →

Celebrate the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the new edition of SFX magazine – now on sale!

Figure 1 of 8 See the new number! Yes, the wait of four weeks is over! SFX magazine number 310 is flying dramatically in stores and landing with a frankly quite show-like superhero pose now. Right click on the above… Continue Reading →

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