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Activision Blizzard puts hundreds down, despite & # 39; Record Year & # 39 ;, A Far Cry from Nintendo's caring approach

Activision Blizzard has revealed that it will fire hundreds of employees, despite seeing the best financial results in the company's history last year. The news comes from the year-end profit return, in which the CEO of Activision Blizzard, Bobby Kotick,… Continue Reading →

Feature: Please understand: unpack Nintendo's vision for Metroid Prime 4

Nintendo & # 39; s announcement that Metroid Prime 4 was not effectively returned to the drawing board exactly the surprise fans of January hoped; the significant delay of this long-awaited sequel was an understandable damper for fans. Despite disappointment,… Continue Reading →

Switching SP? Gameboy Classic? What do you want from Nintendo's next special handheld?

Bring back the e-Reader you are cowardly [Imageof[Imageby[Afbeeldingvan[ImagebyFred Wood] In comparison with the Wii U, the Switch is fantastic, with the fastest sales step in game of all time, multi-faceted third-party hits and third-party support, as Nintendo has not seen… Continue Reading →

Takahashi and Miyamoto talk about Nintendo's ability to respond to a variety of consumer preferences

During the last financial briefing Q & A summary, Shinya Takahashi, Senior Managing Executive Officer and the only real Shigeru Miyamoto, was asked about the preferences of consumers in the success of games based on existing IP and titles that… Continue Reading →

This is what you need to know about Nintendo's Q & A investor: new online Switch game and more

Nintendo would always have a hard time making 2018 look good compared to the Switch / Zelda / Mario wonder of 2017, and the investors stopped breaking zero in a freshly translated question and answer session Nintendo & # 39;… Continue Reading →

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