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Revolve8 is a beautiful new mobile game from Sega and Castlevania & # 39; s Koji Igarashi

The whole story with this Supercell really got out of the park when it was made Clash Royale, the card-based real-time strategy game that is a spin-off for its hugely popular Clash of Clans game. The success of that game… Continue Reading →

Brand new Sega Dreamcast controller hits Kickstarter and smash target

The Dreamcast, Sega's last fighter in the console wars, was a great failure – a progressive machine that can be challenged by corporate struggles and mismanagement, public fatigue after a wave of expensive Sega hardware releases, or just a year… Continue Reading →

Sega Ages Out Run gets a soundtrack release in Japan

Get ready! Spout is an arcade classic with a number of exceptional music. The various ports and sequels of recent years have only added to that rich musical landscape with new tunes for every game. When it was released on… Continue Reading →

Sega AGES Development Team can locate games that have never been translated

The Sega AGES rule may seem like it is made up of fast and simple ports based on the classics of yesteryear, but there is a lot more work that falls into each of these Switch releases than you might… Continue Reading →

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