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Anthem Combo Guide: Tips for Javelin primers, detonators and special effects

Anthem is very different from anything that BioWare has made before. It leaves the company's chosen RPG formula with one player in favor of a multiplayer-focused game. If you've played some recent titles from BioWare, such as Mass Effect: Andromeda,… Continue Reading →

BlazBlue CentralFiction Special Edition Review (switch)

In the world of virtual fisticuffs there are 2D fighting games and then there are 2D fighting games, those series and franchises that are often the richest in mechanics and subtly balanced subsystems, filled with equally complex plots and backstories…. Continue Reading →

Switching SP? Gameboy Classic? What do you want from Nintendo's next special handheld?

Bring back the e-Reader you are cowardly [Imageof[Imageby[Afbeeldingvan[ImagebyFred Wood] In comparison with the Wii U, the Switch is fantastic, with the fastest sales step in game of all time, multi-faceted third-party hits and third-party support, as Nintendo has not seen… Continue Reading →

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