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Red Dead Online Beta gets bounty hunters, a way to spot aggro players and more

The Red Dead Online Beta has just gotten its latest update and it's bad news for anyone who terrorizes the plains. Rockstar adds NPC bounty hunters to track down naughty cowboys and make some changes in player visibility to reduce… Continue Reading →

Watch new Captain Marvel TV Spot, Dumbo Trailer

Disney has been on a trailer today. In addition to the new Aladdin trailer that showed a worrying look at Will Smith when the Genie, Disney and its subsidiary Marvel today released new spots for Captain Marvel and Dumbo. The… Continue Reading →

Avengers: Endgame Trailer – New Super Bowl TV spot assembles what remains

The Super Bowl was a bit of a disappointment if you are only interested in scoring, but if you attune to the goodness of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you were lucky. Marvel fans were treated to a brand new trailer… Continue Reading →

X marks the spot? The second half of The Walking Dead season 9 promises to fill the time jump with flashbacks

The second half of The Walking Dead Season 9 is almost here. Fresh from Rick's departure, plus a time jump that left a lot of broken, scars and, in the case of Carol, with a Geralt-style haircut, there is enough… Continue Reading →

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