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Watch the opening video of The Crunchyroll Anime Awards prior to the show

Today, Crunchyroll will stream the third annual Anime Awards live. Before the show starts tonight at 6 pm PT / 9PM ET, we share an exclusive sneak peek of the opening of the show. You can view the video above…. Continue Reading →

How to stream the Oscars 2019 – everything you need to know to watch the Academy Awards

The biggest film award ceremony in the world is almost with us, but finding out how the Oscars can be streamed can be as painful as going through an overly long acceptance speech. If you want to know how to… Continue Reading →

A guide for Yo-Kai Watch, where to start and what the future offers

Gera Gera Po With the recent Western launch of Yo-Kai Watch 3 I've had a lot of from people who ask me if it is worthwhile to get into the series. Short answer? "Yes." Although the popularity has dropped outside… Continue Reading →

Watch new Captain Marvel TV Spot, Dumbo Trailer

Disney has been on a trailer today. In addition to the new Aladdin trailer that showed a worrying look at Will Smith when the Genie, Disney and its subsidiary Marvel today released new spots for Captain Marvel and Dumbo. The… Continue Reading →

Review: Yo-Kai Watch 3

BBQ USA Yo-Kai Look is not as common as it once was. I mean, this week the flagship store for the series announced the closure in Japan. Despite its slow decline in public interest, the series is just as lively… Continue Reading →

The flagship Yo-Kai Watch in Japan is closed

It is a sad day Although it is not the end of Yo-Kai LookIt is the end of an era: the Japanese flagship Yoroz Mart (originally called Yo-Kai, Yoroz Mart) will arrive later this month on 24 February. Known as… Continue Reading →

Watch Respawn & # 39; s Apex Legends Live Stream here today

A new game seems to be about to be released by Respawn. Leaks have spun around the weekend with regard to a new game called Apex Legends; whatever it is, the developer will share information today during a stream at… Continue Reading →

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