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Video: Sakurai has rejected the offer to work on Oculus VR games because of the small audience

When you read or hear the name Masahiro Sakurai, you probably think of the Super Smash Bros. series or the famous pink puffball, Kirby. Anyway, this legendary director and designer of videogames has often been associated with several Nintendo projects… Continue Reading →

Nintendo says that they & # 39; put everything into work & # 39; to make Switch Online better

Yatta? A few good nuggets of info came from the official question and answer from Nintendo's most recent management briefing for companies today. In particular the fact that although the sale of the 3DS has been delayed, the company will… Continue Reading →

The Umbrella Academy on Netflix benefited from the mo-cap work of Ellen Page in Beyond: Two Souls

The Umbrella Academy, Netflix & adaptation of the idiosyncratic Dark Horse strip by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba, is not your typical story about superheroes. Far from the big team-ups of Marvel and DC, this story follows seven children with… Continue Reading →

Fortnite Save the World changes how outer boxes work so you can see what you are buying

As the debate about the legality and morality of outer boxes escalates, more and more games are clearing their bags – o & # 39; -RNG. As Epic explained in a new blog post, Fortnite Save the World is the… Continue Reading →

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