Gameblr bets on the predictions in e-sport

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Vincent Jouglard and Antoine Grimond are two fans of football and e-sports. But if they can easily bet and prognose with friends on the results of round robin matches. On the other hand, for e-sport, there is almost nothing. "As a gamer, we really like everything that ranks", says Antoine Grimond. And this is how the idea of ​​a prediction platform on e-sport in the minds of this developer and project manager in the video game has sprouted.

In May 2016, Vincent Jouglard and Antoine Grimond launch Gameblr, an online betting site in e-sports. A few months later, a first alpha version is launched at the League of Legends World Championships.

Gameblr adopts an economic model like media

"If the user wants to predict every score of every game, he can do it. There is also a live prognostic system »explains Antoine Grimond. The two founders want to keep the gamer side of the bet that is at the heart of the user experience. "We also have game schedules and results. We are among the only ones to offer a review of old matches with stats on players and teams »Vincent Jouglard says. Gameblr wants create your own community of friends and influencers by country or region. The site is translated into English, German and Japanese.

The economic model of Gamblr is not yet fixed. The platform is free and the winners' rewards are symbolic. Also, both entrepreneurs must to fetch income elsewhere and trophies to offer to the best. "We have a media type model. The idea is to monetize our community by presenting it to brands. Orange, Coca-Cola, Red Bull, and even L'Oreal not too long ago, started to take an interest in e-sports », says Vincent Jouglard. The principle: the brand organizes a communication campaign or a
action on social networks
with a Gameblr challenge of predictions about e-sport.

The Gameblr site proposes to predict the game League of Legends.
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Paris to host League of Legends final

At the beginning of Gameblr, only two years ago, the evangelistic work of this new discipline was not easy. "Now everybody knows what e-sport is", assures Antoine Grimond.

Ultimately, League of Legends will not be the only game that users can predict. Overwatch and Counter-Strike are also in the tablets of the start-up. The site now has 10,000 regular users and its founders expect double by the end of January 2019. "The idea is to reach 100,000 users. At that moment, we will trade to have a real weight ", Vincent Jouglard advances.

Gamblr is not limited to big events and turns to amateur tournaments to attract the most bettors. In 2019, all eyes will be riveted on Paris, where the League of Legends World Cup Final. Gameblr hopes to shine.