Get 20% Off Xbox Games with Amazon Prime – Amazon Xbox Game Discount on New and Pre Order Video Game

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If you have an Xbox you should be on Amazon Prime! With new game releases you can get 20% off preorders on xbox games. This only applies to the purchase of physical discs. But if you only buy downloads don’t click away from this video yet. Not only are physical discs 20% off but you also get guaranteed release day delivery. That means you get your Xbox game disc the same day as if you bought the download.

In addition, if you’re on Amazon Prime you can also buy new titles up to 2 weeks after they’ve released and still get the 20% off. You can’t do this with download only games. But you can try Amazon Prime free right now. Please use the link above to sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime and get a new or preorder video game for 20% off with free shipping and guaranteed release day delivery if the game is on preorder status. You’ll also have access to amazon video and music streaming.

If there’s a game you’re getting ready to preorder do it with the free trial of Amazon Prime right now. I’ve preordered a couple of games with Amazon Prime and love that I get a discount and I can play the games the same day that the download version is released.

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