Red Dead Redemption 2: Fatherhood And Other Dreams

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Fatherhood And Other Dreams is another mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 that involves Mary Linton.

Your role is to meet Mary and help her drunkard dad with his issues.

Here’s a walkthrough of Fatherhood And Other Dreams in RDR 2.


To start the mission, go to your room at Shady Belle. Read the letter on your desk.


Find Mary Linton

Mary is at a hotel in Saint Denis. Just go to the exact location shown in the map below.


The cutscene will load when you’re nearby.


You can choose to help Mary or decline to help her. It’s about her father.


Find Mary’s father

Her father is apparently located at a stables nearby. Just follow the destination shown in the map below.


Get to the front of the stables, and he will come out drunk.


Follow her father

Keep tailing her father to see what he’s up to. You have to keep a distance to avoid getting spotted.


He will walk for some time.


Finally, he will be seen meeting someone to sell his jewelry for money. It’s a brooch that belongs to Mary.


Chase after the buyer

Get back the brooch by chasing after the man who bought it. He will leave in a wagon.


Grab a nearby horse and chase after him.


At one point, you can jump on the wagon if you get close enough. Get rid of the drivers.


Once they’re gone, get the brooch back from the buyer.


You can either pay him hundred dollars or lesser if you beat him. I personally beat him until he gave it up for free.


Get back to Mary

Grab the wagon and drive back to Saint Denis where Mary is.


In the cutscene, Arthur will hand the brooch back to her.


Go to the theaters

Mary will then invite you to the theater but you can choose to decline.

If you accept, just enjoy the show.



You can exit the theater at any time you want.



And that’s it. The mission ends here.

If you wish to get a perfect score, you need to:

  • Catch the wagon and take it to the secluded spot within 1 minute 45 seconds


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