ShowMe news December 7, 2018 Counter Strike CS: GO becomes free-to-play and welcomes Counter Strike: Danger Zone! Valve announced yesterday that CS: GO would become free and equip itself with a Royal battle mode named "Danger Zone". Come to discover it!

The announcement fell yesterday and made a big splash for the entire community of the famous FPS, Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The game becomes not only free but it has… Read more »

ShowMe news December 3, 2018 eSports Esport recognized as an Olympic discipline in Asia! The Organizing Committee of the Games has announced that the next edition of the South-East Asian Games will include 6 official sports events and medalists.

Esport is still not planned for the Olympic Games. However, the Games Organizing Committee has announced that the South East Asian Games (SEA Games) will integrate the esport as an… Read more »